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Planting something ourselves, watching it grow and caring for it makes us happy. But where can you buy the best plants in Berlin? Online shops are great, but plants are alive. We think it's best to get plants from somewhere where people really know their greens. Here are out tips: 1. In the Späth-Arboretum In the historical Späth-Arboretum, a large selection of unusual and wild fruit shrubs and trees awaits you – in addition to everything else that a gardener's heart could desire. You'll even find a broad range of gardening tools. A tip: why not connect your plant buying expedition to a walk in the small but beautiful arboretum founded in 1879, which is easily arranged any time except on bank holidays. The ratio between biodiversity and surface area exceeds that of many a larger botanical garden. The Arboretum opens at the end of March and is open to visitors on: Wed., Thurs., Sa., Sun. and all bank holidays from 10 am to 6 pm. The Arboretum's plantshop has been open since March 5th
plants in Berlin arboretum
The Späth-Arboretum next to the 'Baumschule', picture: Wikipedia
botanical garden berlin
Picture: Annie Spratt/Unsplash
1. B&B Italia offers a beautiful range of fabrics for outside that are every bit as exquisite as indoor fabrics B&B Italia offers a broad assortment of outdoor textiles that was unimaginable until recently. Textured fabrics, colours and patterns that combine fabulously – you really can't wish for more. Even their pieces made of complex fabrics like velvet are hardly distinguishable form their indoor counterparts. Especially those who have already brought B&B Italia into their living quarters will appreciate the opp
outdoor textiles
outdoor textiles patterns B&B Italia
From city stroll to the Baltic Sea ... 1 . This is how beautifully Ludwig Mies van der Rohe connected architecture and nature: a city stroll to the Lemke House in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. Printery owner Karl Lemke and his wife just wanted a modest house that extends into the garden. Karl Lemke often worked for museums and was a lover of art and architecture. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe built an L-shaped, open-plan house for the couple that opens beautifully onto the garden – a perfect example of Mies' ability to connect
lemke house berlin
© Wikipedia / Creative Commons
designer urban tree house berlin
All images © The Urban Treehouse
At age 14, Hedwig Bollhagen spotted some crockery in a Hannover display window that she immediately approved of: simple, without frills and beautifully formed. It came from a manufacturer in Velten-Vordamm near Berlin. Bolthagen decided to continue her traineeship there and stayed in the area for the rest of her life. Today, the ceramic artist's collections are world famous. Several ceramic artists from bauhaus, including Theodor Bogler and Charles Crodel, made important contributions to her studio. We
ceramic crockery patterns
Hedwig Bollhagen
The Hedwig Bollhagen Ritz decor
porcelain crockery pattern
In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of bauhaus' founding, we're presenting 100 legendary bauhaus style icons that are still available and as popular as ever. Max Bill was 19 and unknown in the art world when he started at bauhaus. With teachers like Albers, Kandinsky, Klee, Moholy-Nagy and Schlemmer, he chiseled his talents there for two years, followed by quick success as an architect, painter, sculptor, publicist and product designer. In 1953, he founded the Ulm School of Design with Inge Aicher-
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