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What are the payment options?
  • Bank transfer with 3% cashback
  • Instant transfer with 3% cashback

  • Credit card with 3% cashback

  • PayPal with 3% cashback

  • PayPal Express with 3% cashback

Advance payment

We give you a cashback of 3% if you choose to make an advance payment, meaning a prepayment to our bank account. After completing your order, you will receive all necessary information to make a successful payment. As soon as your payment arrives, deliverable products are shipped. The prepayment cashback of 3% is automatically subtracted from the total price of your order when you select this method of payment. You do not need to subtract this percentage again for your transfer.

Instant transfer payment

We provide 3% cashback if you choose to pay via instant transfer.

Through our partner ’Sofortüberweisung.de’, your payment is booked from your account immediately after you complete your order. The prepayment cashback of 3% is automatically subtracted from the total price of your order when you select this method of payment. Products that are in stock can be shipped immediately after we have processed your order.

Credit card payment

We provide a 3% cashback if you choose to make your payment using a credit card.

You can pay using Visa or MasterCard. To do so, you will be asked to specify your name, credit card number, expiry date and your card validation code. You will find this 3- or 4-digit validation code on the back of your card. Your credit card will be charged at the time of your order. Products that are in stock can be shipped immediately after we have processed your order.

Paypal payment

We provide a 3% cashback if you choose to make your payment using a PayPal.

PayPal is an online payment service provider that allows you to pay for products ordered online safely, quickly and hassle-free. Hassle-free: pay in two clicks. You won’t have to reenter your account or credit card details because these are already saved by PayPal. Quick: PayPal payments arrive faster, which means we will also be able to ship your order faster. More often than not, a PayPal payment will result in you receiving your products sooner. After completing your order, you will be asked to log in or register with PayPal.

Paypal Express payment

We provide a 3% cashback if you choose to make your payment using PayPal Express.

PayPal Express grants direct access to your PayPal account. Just click on the PayPal Express button, and you will be redirected to your PayPal account immediately. You just need to log in and confirm your order. We will receive all the information we need directly from PayPal.

Where does minimum ship to?
Wohin wird geliefert?

We currently ship within Germany only.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the total value of your order. For orders under 100 EUR, we charge a fixed shipping cost of 4.90 EUR. For orders of over 100 EUR, shipping is free.

What are the shipping costs for minimum.club orders?

minimum club incurs shipping costs for products from the categories Limited Editions and Special Offers only.

Please take a note of the following shipping costs for products from the category Display Pieces.

Package shipment:

Up to 10 kg: 10 €

Up to 30 kg: 15 €

Beyond: 10 € per 10 kg

Shipping with a haulage contractor:

Up to 40 kg: 75 €;

Over 40 kg: 150 € 

How are products shipped?

Depending on the size of the products in your order, we ship via DHL or with one of the haulage contractors we work with. In the case of shipment via DHL, delivery is possible Monday though Saturday. Delivery via a haulage contractor is possible Monday through Friday. Both in the case of shipping via DHL or haulage contractor, packaging will stay with the recipient. For information on the shipping of minimum.club products, please scroll a little further in this section. 

DHL Delivery

  • Shipping within Germany

  • Track your order                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Haulage contractor ’kerbside delivery’

  • Shipping within Germany

  • Delivery appointment agreed upon by telephone

  • Delivery is a ’kerbside delivery’. This means that products will be delivered to the kerbside. Delivery to the final destination and disposing of packaging are not included in the price.

Free delivery to the point of use via haulage contractor (for large or bulky orders)

  • Shipping within Germany
  • Delivery appointment agreed upon by telephone

  • Products are delivered to the point of use by 2-person teams. With this mode of delivery, your products will be transported to their final destination.

Is there anything special about shipping for minimum.club products?

For products purchased through the minimum club, we use recycled packaging material for the benefit of the environment. This means that you may find that logos printed on the packaging don’t match the product you ordered.

Can I pick up my order myself?

Yes, of course you can (for all orders, including minimum.club), and of course this option is free of charge! We stock our goods at minimum in the Havelwerke, Halle 'Werft' Telegrafenweg 21, 13599 Berlin-Spandau.

How do I get there?

With public transport: take the U7 to the 'Zitadelle' and walk for about 10 minutes, turning into Zitadellenweg and following it to the end. Walk through the gate called 'Havelwerke', then turn left and walk through the factory halls in the direction of the Havel. You'll find the entrance to the minimum warehouse near houseboats. The building that includes our warehouse has 'Werft' written on it and features a large glass front.

You can also drive your car directly to the entrance. If you arrived on the lot through a different entrance, just follow the water! If you have any difficulties finding us, please give us a ring at: +49 163 7599125.

How long is the delivery period?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to find out more.

How can I return a product?

If anything doesn’t meet your expectations, please contact us. In our experience, there’s a good and simple solution for most problems. If you want to return products, you can do so within two weeks after delivery. For more information, please refer to our Cancellation Policy. 

What are the costs for shipping back returns?

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy. 

What are the costs for shipping back minimum.club products?

You carry the costs for sending back display pieces and sample products independent of whether it’s consignable by parcel post or must be picked up by a haulage contractor. For products from the categories Special Offers and Limited Editions, minimum club will carry the costs of your return.

For more information, please refer to our Cancellation Policy for Customers.

Questions about minimum.club
What is the minimum club?

minimum club bietet Ausstellungsstücke, Editionsware und Ware aus Herstelleraktionen. Auf minimum-club angebotene Ware kann nur von angemeldeten und eingeloggten Mitgliedern erworben werden. Auf minimum club gezeigte Produkte können nur online erworben werden. In Ausnahmefällen sind Besuche in unserem Lager möglich, die einer Terminierung bedürfen. Kontaktieren Sie uns dafür bitte unter online@minimum.de.

minimum club offers display pieces, limited editions and manufacturers’ special offers to registered and logged in members. Products sold through minimum club can only be purchased online. In special cases, appointment-only viewings in our warehouse are possible. If you are interested in arranging a warehouse visit, please contact us at online@minimum.de.

What can I expect from products in the minimum club Display Pieces category?

Display pieces are products that have, in a past life, served as parts of collages in our shops, at fairs or for sampling purposes. They are therefore likely to exhibit traces of use or flaws. Damage and traces of use are described with utmost precision in product descriptions and/or shown on picture of the product in question. Because of the possible flaws or traces of use, we offer products from the Display Pieces category at reduced prices.

What can I expect from products in the minimum club Special Offers category?

These are products by manufacturers with whom minimum collaborates. When these manufacturers have special offers, selling new products under attractive conditions, we pass these offer straight on to our customers. 

What can I expect from products in the minimum club Limited Editions category?

Furniture manufacturers celebrate important anniversaries in design history by releasing special limited editions of their collection centrepieces. These special editions are either limited in number or in terms of the duration of their production. They are often costly to produce and highly valuable collectibles.

Why are minimum club pieces sometimes sold at very reduced prices? Are they really originals?

minimum club sells only originals by well-known brands. Potential reductions in price our due only to the traces of use, flaws or special offers described above.

Is there a warranty for minimum club products?

For products from the category ’Display Pieces’  and display pieces from the category ’Special Editions’, we provide a one-year warranty starting from the point of delivery. 

Condition of products

Please note that, in many cases, traces of use on products , find specific flaws in pictures and product descriptions on product page. 

minimum club shipping costs and delivery

Please take a note of the following shipping costs.

Package shipment: up to 10 kg: 10 €; up to 30 kg: 15 €; beyond: 10 € per 10 kg

Shipping with an express company: up to 40 kg: 75 €; over 40 kg: 150 €

minimum club incurs shipping costs for products from the categories Limited Editions and Special Offers only.

Bitte beachten Sie die jeweils angegebenen Versandkosten:

Bis 10 kg: 10 €
Bis 30 kg: 15 €
Darüber: 10 € pro 10 Kg

Versand mit Spedition:
Bis 40 kg: 75 €
Über 40: 150 €

minimum club übernimmt die Kosten für den Versand ausschließlich für Waren der Kategorien Edition und Aktion.

Bei einer Anlieferung durch eine Spedition werden Sie vorab kontaktiert, um einen Liefertermin zu vereinbaren. Bei Selbstabholung fallen keine Versandkosten an.

Für Ware, die über minimum club erworben wurde, verwenden wir der Umwelt zuliebe recyceltes Verpackungsmaterial. Daher kann es passieren, dass Sie Pakete mit Logoaufdrucken erhalten, die nicht mit dem bestellten Produkt in Verbindung stehen. 
Selbstabholung der Ware in unserem Lager

Unser Lager befindet sich hier:

minimum in den Havelwerken, Halle „Werft“
Telegrafenweg 21, 113599 Berlin-Spandau

Google Maps

Mit PKW, LKW: Die Zufahrt auf das Gelände der „Havelwerke“ ist über den Telegrafenweg oder den Zitadellenweg möglich. Die beschilderten Einfahrtstore befinden sich jeweils ganz am Ende der beiden Straßen. Auf dem Gelände gibt es ein Beschilderungssystem, das mit Pfeilen zu minimum in der Halle „Werft“ leitet: Man fährt an dem Hallenensemble entlang, Richtung Wasser (Havel). Dort, wo die Hausboote im Wasser liegen, befindet sich der Eingang zum minimum-Lager, mit großer Glasfront Richtung Wasser. Meistens findet sich ein Parkplatz direkt vor der Tür. Sollten Sie Schwierigkeiten haben uns zu finden, rufen Sie uns bitte an: 0163 7599125.

Mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln: Die nächstgelegene Haltestelle ist die Station „Zitadelle“ der Linie U7, die den S-Bahn-Ring an der Station Jungfernheide kreuzt. Von der U-Bahn-Station geht man etwa 10 Minuten. An der Straßenkreuzung biegt man in den Zitadellenweg ein und folgt seinen Kurven bis ans Ende. Dann weiter wie oben beschrieben.

Widerruf und Rückgabe
Sollte etwas nicht Ihrer Zufriedenheit entsprechen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte. Für viele Probleme lässt sich unserer Erfahrung nach eine gute und einfache Lösung finden. Sollten Sie vom Kauf zurücktreten wollen, können Sie uns die Ware innerhalb von zwei Wochen nach Erhalt zurücksenden.
Für die Rücksendung von Ausstellungsstücken und Bemusterungsware tragen Sie die Kosten, unabhängig davon, ob es sich um paketversandfähige Ware handelt oder um Ware, die per Spedition versendet werden muss. 
Für Ware der Kategorien Aktion und Edition übernimmt minimum club die Rücksendekosten. 
Why won’t my password be accepted?

Bitte nehmen Sie Kontakt zu uns auf: online@minimum.de.

Is there a showroom where I can take a look at products in person?
Warum wird mein Passwort nicht akzeptiert?


Do you have any further questions?

Please contact us at: online@minimum.de. We are happy to help.

Unsere Showrooms mit allen aktuellen Ausstellungen finden Sie in Berlin CharlottenburgBerlin Mitte und Berlin Kreuzberg. Bitte beachten Sie, dass nicht alle in den Ausstellungen der Showrooms ausgestellten Produkte auch im Onlineshop verfügbar sind. 

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