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Leaning back and relaxing – the best living room ideas

Our living room is our oasis. It's a place for regeneration and enjoyment. In our living rooms, we leave formalities behind, return to ourselves, put up our legs and flip through a magazine. Or we read a book, watch a film, listen to music, have conversations and devote ourselves to our more whimsical ideas or a lovely siesta. Sofas, lounge chairs and daybeds – and the pieces around them, like side tables or trays for snacks, drinks, remote controls and mobile devices, represent all that we need for glorious hours of relaxation. 

Make your living room tasteful and functional 

In putting together your living room, think about your needs: do you have a large, light-flooded living room or is your living space on the smaller side? Does your living room function as a private area of retreat or is it a meeting place of family, friends and guests? Small rooms fare better with a slightly sparser interior design. Ask yourself what your personal preferences of form, colour and patterns are. Take a look at our collages for some inspiration. Be as intuitive as you are considered in planning your living room. Objects of different styles and tonalities form a unity that reflects our inner life. A modern living room design can exhibit both the features of having been well-planned and elements of chance, dream and reality, past and future. Redecorating the living room brings desire for change. In living and living room design, it's not the amount of items but carefully chosen and keep-worthy design. By being complete makes it enjoyable for multiple generations. In designing your living room. Only the passage of time gives living room furniture made of genuine materials a patina that makes them even more beautiful because they tell the story of a life well-lived. A living room should be happy marriage between functionality and aesthetics – practical, representative, spacious and comfortable.

Living Room Design - Furniture and Combinations Around Your Sofa

The sofa is every living room’s centerpiece. In recent times, living room trends have developed in the direction of greater comfort and casualness. We go for modular sofas with chaise longues, sofa corners and lounge areas that invite us to put our feet up together. For extra comfort, we like surrounding ourselves with armchairs, side tables and other living room furniture. Many arrangements work: it’s always a good idea to set up sofa, armchairs and chairs so that all those lounging and sitting are facing each other. Two sofas across from one another is also a great arrangement. Only orient your armchairs toward the TV when needed. Focussing on openness and permeability will help you design a living room that is friendly, inviting and prosocial.

Trends in living area design have undergone an interesting development away from the ideal of homogenous living room suits toward an appreciation for striking combinations of contrasting furniture. Deliberately breaks in style are incorporated to create a sense of liveliness. Voluminous upholstery groups now face light armchairs. Large coffee tables are increasingly replaced by several small side tables. In addition to famous classics by Le Corbusier, Florence Knoll or Vico Magistretti, you will find the best of contemporary furniture and sofa design in our repertoire – including expansive and ultra-cosy landscapes such as Tufty Time or Extra Soft that can adapt to changes in setup. Designers such as Piero Lissoni are reversing the laws of statics by levitating generous upholstery on delicate frames, as exemplified by Rod. Living collages call for a frame and colour accents. This explains the renaissance of the rug, which lends structure and support to the different types of furniture. Many living rooms are combined with a dining area or a work corner. In this case, it is important to let the individual living areas visually merge into each other and at the same time separate them from each other in order to create peace for the eye. We are happy to support you with the implementation of your ideas – please just visit us in one of our Berlin shops.

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