Gentle shapes for a good night
Luxurious Materials Surround a Minimalist Bed

minimum bedroom ideas – sweeter dreams in the perfect surroundings

Sleep is a basic need. When we've slept enough, we wake up refreshed and full of new ideas. At the end of a challenging day, we need time to come down, to prepare for sleep. The right bedroom can do wonders in facilitating this process. When we lie down in our beds, breathing and pulse slow down, external stimuli are drowned out, the experiences of the day are processed and we enter into a blissful state of mental and physical relaxation. Sleep is one of the greatest gifts in life. Fighting the need to sleep or not savouring sleep sufficiently leads not only to discontent but, in the long run, to poor health. That's why its crucial that we dedicate ourselves to the interior designs of our bedrooms to give sleep the place it deserves in our lives. Be very mindful of what you put in your bedroom to sleep better and enjoy sweet dreams.

A bedroom tailored to your tastes

Relaxing, homey, harmonic. Of course, you can go crazy realising your design ideas in your own four walls; in the bedroom, however, it's easy to go overboard. A good bedroom design leaves plenty of space, is light and simple, not cluttered. A bedroom should spread feelings of calm. Compared to the other rooms in your home, it should hold the least furniture. A few closed wardrobes as well as choosing furniture that matches will help you create a place of relaxation.

Finding peaceful sleep in the right bed

The bed is clearly the central focus of bedroom design. Bed, room and furniture should harmonise. Think about where best to place the bed, and get creative about it: it's not always necessary to cram everything up against a wall. Make sure you leave enough space between your bed and other furniture, the radiator and windows. The size of your bedroom is, of course, a major factor in determining the ideal location for your bed – and also in choosing the right bed. Delicate beds are great for smaller rooms, whereas in large bedrooms, chunky beds can provide grounding. Choose innovative materials to make your bed maximally comfy: ergonomic mattresses and pillows as well as comfortable bedding have been proven to improve the quality of sleep. New gel mattresses produced without softeners boast biomechanical and thermal properties that adapt perfectly to your body, providing ideal support for your spine, which in turn results in greater comfort and better circulation, even. The high thermal conductivity of the gel lowers the temperature of its surface by up to 2°C, which enables deeper sleep. The air channels in the surface of the mattress guarantee optimal air circulation and moisture removal. Studies show that the properties of the longevous gel mattress promote deep sleep. You can find this mattress and bedroom furniture in our onlineshop.

Furniture and accessories for a modern bedroom

Many people use their beds not only for rest, but also as a place for reading and working. Think about everything you do in your bedroom. Do you watch TV in bed? Do you eat breakfast in bed? Choose the surfaces, wardrobes and chests of drawers that you need for these activities. For example, you might consider putting the beautiful commode Piure next to your bed. Add accessories to your bedroom that make bedtime a ritual you look forward to. But keep in mind that what goes for furniture in the bedroom goes for accessories as well: less is more. A rug and a comfortable light are often enough. You may want to put the table lamp Flower Pot by Verner Panton next to your bed to do a little evening reading. Use a range of different light sources to be able to adjust the lighting to your mood and activities. Getting up after a good night's sleep is more enjoyable when there's a colourful rug greeting you on the floor next to you bed and when storage units are well organised. For more bedroom ideas, get inspired by our collages.

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