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Come in - design your corridor

Arriving. When we close our front door at the end of a hectic day, we return to ourselves. We enter, breathe and feel good. Your own four walls promise familiarity, security and give us the necessary rest from the bustle and overstimulation of the outside world. The first thing we and our guests see when entering our apartments is the corridor. Our corridor should invite us in, help us decelerate immediately and to leave unpleasant things at the door. A well-considered corridor design draws no attention to itself yet immediately leaves a lasting impression. For ease in our everyday lives, we should know where everything goes without thinking about it – coats, keys, phones, umbrellas, bags, purses, mail and shopping. We find our way around blindly, everything should have its place. Shelves, stools and wardrobes should be discreetly ready to take the burden from us and our visitors and to receive us. We put things down. We change our shoes comfortably. We take a look in the mirror. We are at home.

Set up your corridor according to your needs and wishes

Does your corridor correspond to the picture described above? Or are you among those who have thus far neglected the design of their corridor? Setting up a hallway can be a real challenge. The hall has a special role in the home: it is the entrance area and a junction. But rarely does the hallway get the attention it deserves. We pass through it to get to another room without much awareness. But even a corridor can become part of our living spaces with the right ideas. The difficulty often lies in the floor plan: too long, too dark, too many doors. Individual solutions are required in these cases. Make sure that the design of the corridor suits your needs, tastes and habits. When designing, be sure to focus on functionality. It does not matter whether your corridor is dark and narrow or big and full of light. Formal reductions make it possible to integrate different design ideas into completely different entrance areas. Limit the things in your corridor to include only those that are conducive to pratical living. Be brave and experiment with your hallway. Combine contrasting shapes, colours and textures. Smooth with rough and new with old. Tell us your ideas and let us advise you. Home is no place for short-term fashions and trends that you will soon not like. Throwing things away also violates our sense of responsibility. This means that reduction is the way to go.

Find the corridor concept that works for you - plan & design with minimum

You may want to redesign your entire hallway, try out a new colour scheme, or just add a few highlights through new lighting arrangements or additional seats. minimum is here to help in all cases. Let our collages inspire you. You will be amazed to see how a corridor can be transformed with a few carefully-selected pieces. We can segment long hallways through a piece of furniture. We can create order with our free wall installations, the Dots. Next to the door, we can opt for a bench or a board with an open shelf. Coats and jackets find their place on the Afteroom wardrobe. Corniches serve as a keyboard. A table lamp acts as an additional light source. A wall mirror and a small rug should also not be missing. At minimum, we have numerous modern design and corridor ideas that allow you to design your hallway and decide on a completely new way of living. Make your entrance area shine with authenticity and simplicity. Choose combinations that are as rich in contrast as your life, and strive for a multifunctionality that is fun - aesthetic, tactile and practical.

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