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Tradition and innovation - the dining table
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Design your dining room and enjoy long evenings at the table

The world at large appears to be longing to reclaim slowness and sensuality. The dining room and the act of coming together for a meal give time to enjoy, to connect, time for the essential and time for new perspectives. Food is a central element of our lives. Interior design means thinking about living quality with individual nuances, luxurious simplicity and love for detail. A homecooked meal tastes even better in a nice atmosphere created with carefully selected dining room furniture and accessories. While you are tempted by colours, aromas and fragrances, interesting conversation and the best ideas come about. No enjoyment without materials that feel nice to the touch and without harmony in form and colour.

Find suitable interior design ideas for you dining room

Do you want to redesign your dining room? Then go for clear lines and simple colours. When creating a dining area, multifunctionality is key. The central element of the room should be the dining table. You don't have to follow strict design rules. Feel free to experiment with ideas, textures, light and colours. Are you interested in a specific material? Wood, leather, plastic, metal? The possible combinations are endless. Our collages are here to show you tables and chairs, but also crockery, glasses and cutlery and further decorative elements that together create the right culinary feel-good atmostphere. Choose dining room furniture that matches your lifestyle. A lovingly set table with carefully chosen accessories makes an important contribution to the grounding process that we seek when we cook and dine.

Living with contrasts – our dining tables and chairs

When thinking about the design of your dining room, focus on your dining table. It is the bridge that connects those partaking in your meal. It is also the physical centre that visually grounds your chairs. Be it through the materials used, colours, forms or structures – as our collages show, a diverse range of dining table and chair combinations can create effective contrasts. It's perfectly fine and, in fact, desireable, to bring different chairs and seating furniture together that make for a harmonious mix. Consider, for example, the chairs by the architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. Get comfortable leaning up against the backrest with the broad shoulder rest. Or choose a chair that is as robust as it is comfortable made from geometric shapes called 'Chair One'. The chair by the designer Konstantin Grcic is made from aluminium. Or perhaps you will find yourself smitten with the Eames Plastic Armchair with its ergonomic seat and half-high backrest. In the old days, people withdrew to the salon after dinner, today, we stay seated at the table for longer – all the more important that chairs are designed for comfort. Bring together aesthetics and ergonomics in creating your dining room. Or combine a table made of solid wood with chairs made of a steel wire mesh and discover how very different materials can harmonise, how the transparence of these chairs can underline the chunkiness of the table. You could also consider a purist dining table made of steel and aluminium by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga. Or go for the Essay Table, a delicate but robust solid wood table that Cecilie Mainz designed for Fritz Hansen.

Dining, cooking and living with minimum

When planning your dining area, take the layout of the whole space into consideration. Measure out the available space and think about how many people you hope to seat at your table. Do you have a separate dining room, a dining table in your kitchen or an open kitchen with a dining area? Open plan living is more and more common. If you don't have a separate dining room, just create a dining area in the living room or the kitchen. One of the biggest advantages of a minimalist dining room is that you can make the room appear clearer and more spacious. The minimalist style is especially suited to smaller rooms in which every centimetre is valuable. If you have a lot of space, we recommend dining tables that take up space and have a monolithic appearance. The nature of the space and your preferences are what counts.

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