Accommodating Wellness Oasis
Purism for a bathroom feel-good oasis

Make your bathroom an oasis of wellness with inspiration from minimum

The bathroom is the place where we refresh ourselves for the beginning and the end of the day. It is also a place for some of our most important relaxation rituals – long baths, relaxing showers, a thorough wellness break, a moment of reflection in front of the mirror. Bathroom design is often treated somewhat by-the-by, which is a shame. Bathrooms should be planned with the same care invested in other rooms, whether a whole new bathroom concept is being developed or a few details are added to an existing bathroom. With the right bathroom concept, you'll create an inviting space that will help you destress on hectic days. minimum's bathroom collages are a great place to start looking for inspiration. A well-designed bathroom will upgrade your home and contribute to a beautiful living experience. It pays off to focus on a few aesthetic and practical details. Whilst your towel rack was previously an unwieldy monstrosity imposing on your feel-good oasis, well-thought-out, minimalist design can elevate it to a beautiful everyday helper. With just a few special touches like this, an oft-neglected space can be transformed. minimum wants to support you in achieving this transformation because living should be more than the functional use of a space.

Bathroom ideas for all tastes

Modern bathroom design offers many possibilities for expressing individual taste through furniture and to make the most of spaces. Aesthetics and functionality are by no means incompatible. With the support of the bathroom furnishing collages by minimum you will find bathroom ideas and inspirations for every taste that can be reinterpreted time and time again. Do you want to create storage space, highlight your bathroom's best features, add a few practical bathroom accessories or upgrade the room with small aesthetic eye-catchers? minimum's selected products will pave the way toward a designer bathroom that leaves nothing to be desired. Even a simple laundry basket needn't be an object you'd rather hide. Bathroom planning can seem daunting. Images of cold, wet cells, peeling wallpaper, ancient tiles and colourful fixtures quickly come to mind. Don't worry, you can definitely steer clear of this. Light wood and natural colours create a spa feeling in the bathroom, light gray tones and clear shapes will help you clear your head. With a few eye-catchers or some unexpected splashes of colour, the bathroom can be visually loosened up. Enchant your visitors with a bathroom in which everyone immediately feels at home and create a dream bathroom for your family.

Redecorating the bathroom with effective accessories

Are you looking to make a few changes in your bathroom or do you want to design a new bathroom from scratch? Take your time and let yourself be inspired by minimum's bathroom ideas. Beautiful bathroom accessories can make this space a real highlight in your home, a space where you can just be alone, rest, switch off. If you long for a change, don't wait until a complete revamp is needed. With a few simple tips from minimum, a bathroom can be quickly upgraded. Many bathrooms are fitted with tiles that give the owners a headache. With a few accessories, you might just be able to put even something as dominant as tiles in a new light. Be it a special handmade bowl or a practical mirror for your bathroom: our range of accessories offer the right solution for just about any bathroom.

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